The Snow Has Stopped


By Jude GoodwinPublished: Jan.28, 2012.    The snow has stopped The snow has stopped, it’s just rain and what’s being blown from the branches now,Read More

Are Science and Religion Mutually Exclusive ?


By Geraldine Guilfoyle Published: Jan.28, 2012.   Some things refuse to reveal their secrets through the application of the scientific method of scrutiny and dissection.Read More

Slow, but Effective

Dr. Loridawn Gordon

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan. 14, 2012. When people bring their pets to veterinarian Loridawn Gordon, she gives them two options for treatment. She could tryRead More

Wendy and Mark Sutherland

Wendy and Mark Sutherland

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan. 7, 2012. Wendy Sutherland had heard a lot about Squamish. They told her it was a beautiful small town, safe, andRead More

Tim Hoskin Has His Work Cut Out

Tim Hoskin

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan.14, 2012. Tim Hoskin has a lot to do as the new director of recreation service. District’s core service review of itsRead More

Squamish FM Looking for Volunteers

We are seeking a wide variety of content for Squamish FM, says Craig Daviduik (above).

By Craig DaviduikPublished: Jan. 12, 2012. Squamish Community Radio is an internet based, volunteer run audio podcasting platform. The project seeks to increase community connections andRead More