• Art for Artists Sake


    Local artists say outsiders are welcome but they should also be involved.

    Local Gym Instructor Plans Unique ‘Men’s Centre’


    There is a lot that a men’s centre can provide in Squamish, according to the man behind the initiative.

    The Reluctant Hero of Squamish


    Howe has taken part in hundreds of search-and-rescue although he admits it’s easy to lose count when you have been giving back as a volunteer for almost three decades. And that is what got him started in SAR in the first place.

    Figuring Out Our Annual Report

    District of Squamish

    The annual report certainly makes it seem like we’re doing well. Although it doesn’t give itself a letter grade, it reads as if we’ve gotten an A, or even an A+!

    I SAY…Eat Quinoa


    THERE has been much hype over Quinoa (Keen-Wah) over the last couple years, and for good reason. Quinoa is one of the most amazing seeds around.

    I SAY…Let the Sunshine In


    Sleeping in the same house, in the same bedroom, in the same bed, which is positioned in the same celestial spot since day one. Exciting I know, but bear with me.