• Lifting the Veil on Niqab


    As the debate on niqab rages in the country, we talk to Squamish Muslims to know what niqab means in their home countries. Niqab is not compulsory in Islam. It is a cultural phenomenon that varies from country to country.

    Woman with a Winning Streak


    Liberal candidate Pam Goldsmith-Jones knows how to turn cynical politics into radical policy. She can learn even from a sales job and sexist comments hurled at her.

    John Weston: The Weight of Legacy


    Conservative candidate John Weston says service to community and country is deeply rooted in his family history.

    Larry Koopman: The Child of the Prairies


    Working on the farm during his childhood in the prairies, Larry Koopman of NDP saw in daily practice the ideals of social justice and direct community action.

    Ken Melamed: The Activist Politician


    The maverick Ken Melamed of Green Party was the only Whistler councillor to oppose the hosting of the Olympics

    The Joy of Sharing


    Despite health issues that limit her mobility, Susan Magnuson has been part of the food drive for the last four years for the sheer joy of it.