Squamish receives $442,200 Grant

 District of Squamish has received $442,200 for upgrades to the Harris Slough Pump Station, Whittaker Slough Flood box, and Stawamus River Dike. Squamish was oneRead More

Get Us A Weight Room


By Riun BlackwellPublished: Jan. 28, 2012.   The weight room fitness facility is commonplace in recreation centers through out the province. In fact, I haveRead More

Winter Sports Sends More Than 5,000 Canadians to Hospital


By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan. 28, 2012. Stories about hockey hits and concussions have dominated the media landscape, but ski and snowboarding injuries are more thanRead More

Back in the Race


By Andrew MitchellPublished: Jan. 28, 2012. Neal Kindree’s trail ride to the top took a major unplanned diversion in early 2008 when he hurt hisRead More

A Rose on the Arm is Now a Thorn in the Heart

The tattoo  on Jack Cutler's right arm stares back at him when he stands in front of the mirror.

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan. 28, 2012 The tattoo on Jack Cutler’s right arm pricks him everytime he looks at it.  A faded red rose andRead More

Replacing Fear with Calm

Anissa Moussi (right) used hypnotherapy during the birth of her daughter, Océane. Seen here with her hypnotherapist, Jennifer King.

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: Jan. 28, 2012. When Anissa Moussi drove to the hospital for her childbirth, she was so calm, so relaxed, the nurses wereRead More