McDonald’s : Proudly Welcoming Visitors to Squamish


By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: March. 31, 2012 Could someone ask McDonald’s to incorporate a “Welcome to Squamish” sign between their golden arches? The fast food companyRead More

MP John Weston got Travel Junkets Worth $15,000


By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: March 31, 2012 MP John Weston took travel junkets worth $15,000 to visit Hong Kong and Baghdad last year, report released byRead More

A premonition saves a life

Robin GarlandMAIN

By Robin GarlandPublished: March. 31, 2012   Clairvoyance, telepathy, seeing into the future, second sight, a hunch or a gut level feeling, call it whatRead More

Brackendale Residents Grill Rivendale Developer


By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: March. 31, 2012 Brackendale residents grilled developer Jason Wood at a meeting held to discuss the 24-home duplex subdivision at the BrackendaleRead More

A Message from School District 48

By Lisa McCulloughPublished: March. 26, 2012 We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday, March 26th. As you might be aware, aRead More

Squamish Fire Department Wins Charity Game, but the Real Winner is Theo Lazardis

fire 2

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: March. 24, 2012 Squamish Fire Department beat Squamish RCMP 5-4 at the friendly hockey game at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre onRead More