Surrey Man Arrested for Assaulting Squamish RCMP Officer

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Aug. 14, 2012

The Squamish RCMP has arrested a 27-year-old Surrey resident for assaulting a police officer near the Squamish Valley Road.

The events unfolded on Aug. 8, when the West Vancouver police advised Squamish RCMP that a green pick up had failed to stop for their officers and was traveling north on Hwy 99. 

At Britannia Beach, a Squamish RCMP officer located the suspect truck traveling at high speed.

The suspect attempted to ram the police vehicle when the officer’s vehicle approached.

The vehicle fled the area and was later located along Squamish Valley Rd.

A man and a woman from Surrey were found in the vehicle, but the driver fled the scene.

A police dog service team was summoned which tracked the male suspect in nearby bush.

The suspect sprayed the dog handler and service dog with a bear spray, but he was arrested.

Other police briefs:

On Thursday, August 9, RCMP received a report of a vehicle being broken into while parked at the Best Western in the 38000 block of Progress Way.

A Samsung cell phone charger, a Belking FM transmitter, and some change was stolen.

On Friday, August 10, police received a report of a men’s Giant Reign 21 speed mountain bike being stolen from a car port in the 8900 block of No Name Rd.

The theft of the black and silver bike, valued at approx. $2,100 happened in the evening. The bike was not locked up at the location.

On Sunday, August 12, police received a report of a dog locked in a vehicle in the 200 block of Mountain Drive in Lions Bay.

Witnesses reported the animal had been locked in a dog crate for numerous hours in the intense heat.

A vehicle window was broken to rescue the animal, which was taken to a local veterinarian.

The Italian Greyhound was dehydrated and had an extremely high temperature, but it will survive.


  1. Don Patrick says:

    The dog owner should endure the same procedure… oh but forgot, we are Canadians and anyone can make a mistake…apparently.