Squamish Parks and Rec Master Plan Proposes Far-Reaching Changes


A public fitness centre and a physiotherapy clinic at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre, rebranding the seniors centre as the community centre, and relocating the equestrian centre.

District to Remove Six Trees Near Brennan Park Rec Centre


District of Squamish will remove six trees near the Brennan Park Recreation Centre to prevent any further building damage as the trees grow larger.

Spartan Race Organisers will Compensate for Damage to Park


Spartan Race organisers will be making a donation to the Squamish Trails Society to compensate for the damage the race did to a mossy area in the Smoke Bluffs Park.

Gingerly, Kingswood Approaches the District of Squamish

climbing centre

In the next few days, Kingswood will be gingerly approaching the district to make enquiries from the planning department.

Vancouver Developer Plans Duplex Subdivision in Dentville


A lower mainland real estate agent, Dwayne Engelsman is proposing a five lot duplex subdivision on Wilson Cres. in Dentville.

New Holiday Lights Planned for Cleveland Ave. in Downtown Squamish


District of Squamish is looking to spend some money on holiday lights along Cleveland Ave.