Blue Barn Faces Uncertain Future


It’s environmentally clean, but nothing can happen there unless there is a certificate of compliance from the Ministry of Environment, which can only come if there is an Oceanfront Park.

Local Company Honoured with Built Green Award


A local company, Coastal Mountain Custom (CMC) Homes, has won an award for a Built Green TM Renovation they completed in Hospital Hill in 2011.

Three Truths and a Lie


By Graham Fuller Published: Oct. 27, 2012   As a Squamish resident and writer, Middle East specialist and former CIA officer, I’ve written a fairRead More

Put the Smart Back into Smart Growth

By Nate Dolha Published: Oct. 26, 2012   There is a much abused concept trotted out frequently at municipal hall: Smart Growth. It is aRead More

Stan Clarke Park Now Open to the Public


Stan Clarke Park in downtown Squamish is now open to the public.

Conservation Officer Relocate Bear


Conservation Officer relocated a bear last week after it was found persistently feeding on apple tree in Brackendale.