Tired of the Train Whistle? Try Cash or Dialogue


A small group of citizens impressed upon CN Rail to alter its shunting to day time. For anyone worried about whistling, their method, a dialogue, might be a good lead to follow.

Woodfibre’s Latest Owner Worries Greenpeace


Greenpeace Canada is raising concerns over an Indonesian tycoon’s plan to use the Woodfibre site for a small scale LNG facility.

Narrow Escape for Snowmobiler in Brohm Ridge Avalanche


When a snowmobiler triggered an avalanche that buried him, Corey Cameron dug with his bare hands to save the man’s life on Brohm Ridge.

He Wore His Life like a Sky


This is what he always said: “Life is for the living, so let’s get on with it…” Remembering Les Smith.

Worldwide Interest in Oceanfront Lands: SODC


The marketing push by SODC is generating worldwide interest in our Oceanfront site, the district’s arm length corporation said in a press release.

A ‘Cautious Pessimism’ on Second Ave.

second ave-MAIN

It’s hard not to walk ten steps on Second Ave without seeing them: For Lease and For Sale signs.