Dear Mayor and Council…


By Susan MillarPublished: Dec 22, 2013       I invested in Squamish in 2006 because I believed it was both affordable and great placeRead More

Remebering a Man Larger Than Life


By Pierre FrielePublished: Dec. 22, 2013   I first met Frank Baumann in about 1986, as an undergrad doing summer fieldwork at Meager Creek withRead More

A Proposed New Fee Worries Families and Youth Sports Advocates

Bri oliver

Until now, youth sports was exempt from any user fees. But looking to increase its revenue, the district plans to slap new fees and charges to play on the soccer and baseball fields. This will affect families like the Olivers above, who pay close to $350 for the boys to be part of both baseball and soccer leagues.

Riparian Bylaw Renders Lot Useless


A riparian area bylaw passed by the district in 2010 has wiped out 90 per cent of Art Bartsch’s residential lot, what he calls a ‘de facto appropriation’.

The Sign to Squamish is Caught in a Tangled Web of Committees and Reports


It’s been three years since the Squamish Sign was vandalised and destroyed in an accident. A plan to construct a new sign has since been mired in committees and consultant reports. Now, it’s again being put on hold for a rebranding exercise.

Squamish Aims to Control Firefighter Wages

Fire department

Squamish wants province to amend the collective bargaining act for fire and police services and make the wages fair for local government.