Are You Thick Skinned ? Join the Brand Leadership Team


The new logo relaces Outdoor Recreation with Adventure, while acknowledging the First Nation heritage. Photo: DOS

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: April 17, 2014

Are you thick skinned, a doer not a director, and well-respected in the community?

Well, the District of Squamish is looking for you. The district is looking for residents and business operators to join the Squamish Brand Leadership Team (BLT).

As the current Brand Development Committee winds down its work over the next two to three weeks, the reins will be handed over to the leadership team which will guide the implementation of the action plan.

The BLT will implement signage and way finding systems, champion the brand and integrate it into the community, said the district spokesperson Christina Moore. The branding team will also include members from Tourism Squamish, DSBIA, Squamish Chamber of Commerce, Squamish Nation and the District of Squamish.

This is what the DOS is looking for.

1.   ENTHUSIASTIC, PASSIONATE & POSITIVE. You are 100 per cent enthusiastic about the brand direction and willing to be a brand champion. You live, love and breathe Squamish and proudly brag about where you live to your friends, family, clients, colleagues, and everyone else you encounter!

 2.   DOERS NOT DIRECTORS. You are a doer. You are willing to commit two hours a week to making things happen – actually getting your hands dirty. This goes beyond just attending meetings.

 3.   INSPIRATIONAL PRESENTERS. You are a good public speaker and can be the voice of the brand. Your job is to help “sell” the brand, generating buy-in and enthusiasm for the direction.

4.   RESPECTED. You are generally well thought of in the community, and have credibility among other stakeholder organizations and the public.

5.   THICK SKINNED. You are willing to take a few “hits” along the way. Not everyone in the community will be supportive of the brand direction, so the BLT members need to acknowledge that.

6.   BRAND KEEPERS. You are comfortable and confident being a keeper of the brand. This means you help protect the brand and
its graphics from unauthorized use.

 7.   KEEP IT ON TRACK. You are prepared to implement the action plan, push the agenda forward and keep it on track.

If you are interested in leading the brand, send a letter describing in 250 words or less why you are a great candidate.

Letters can be submitted to the Economic Development office via, by April 30, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.


  1. Muriel Shephard says:

    Signage! The Seniors Centre Society has been asking for signage for the Seniors Centre ever since it was built, at least four years ago (Mayor Gardner cut the ribbon) – and still we have to wait – for what? The ‘brand’, whatever this means. If uniformity is important there are already signs in town, for St. Joseph’s church and Garibaldi park to name two. Let’s get on with it.

  2. larry mclennan says:

    Branding the group the “BLT” sound a lot like they will be promoting a sandwich type. Probably not a good start. How about Squamish Tourism Development group (STD)-whoops-not that either. Squamish Liason Office of Promotion (SLOP)?- no-given some of the rumoured future signage and other expenses related to this project lets go with End Product Indefeasibly Costly (EPIC) -seems to me I heard that term used somewhere.