Sea to Sky Gondola and MEC Strike Partnership


By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: May 22, 2014

The Sea to Sky Gondola and Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) have struck a new partnership, with all gondola staff wearing MEC-brand technical apparel.

The retail co-operative will also be the presenting sponsor of the MEC Summit Clinics, a series of onsite ‘how-to’ forums where Gondola guests can learn about hiking, climbing and running from MEC staff.

The three-year agreement will also see MEC and Sea to Sky Gondola collaborate on event sponsorship and onsite partnership recognition, said the gondola vice-president Jayson Faulkner.

“MEC is our first corporate partner and we are thrilled to be working with an organization that shares our commitment,” he said.

David Greenfield, one of the three gondola principals, said the gondola is the best story right now in BC and possibly the Canadian tourism industry.

More than 50 articles and features have been printed, broadcasted and published online and many more are expected, said Elyse Mailhot, a media relation person for the gondola.

Along with the local and regional media, the story of the Sea to Sky gondola has been featured in CBC, Radio Canada, CTV, Global and media across the world, from the US to Germany, UK, China and Australia.

“It’s not every day that Squamish gets the coverage on CNN for ranking #1 for the Best Mountain town and attraction to experience this summer,” said Trevor Dunn, co-founder of the gondola.

Dunn also said the gondola wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the community.

The gondola, a $22 million project, hopes to welcome between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors in its first year of operation.




  1. Patricia Marini says:

    This is great news!! Now maybe we can get the parking 3hours changed, hard to hike up 3 1/2 hrs when they say you can only park for 3hrs. Park at Shannon or Kalhannie they say– also fine but then where do the people who just want to see Shannon Falls and Kalhannie Park. They need to cordone off a long term parking so a person can hike Sky Pilot 6-8 hors return and not worry about their car???

    • adam says:

      A great point Patricia. I’d also like to see some forethought into access when traveling southbound and having to do a U turn at Shannon falls. A slip lane would have been great and surely attracted a few more people on their way south.

  2. Dave says:

    Good point too Adam but realize it is not the Gondola people’s fault…Highways is dragging their feet on this and will until someone gets T-boned when they do a U- turn when the light is green! Some will try this, believe me or someone will run a red while they are doing it.

  3. Anne Bright says:

    There is a sign, directly across from Shannon Falls, and below the RV and Campsite there, that reads “Sea To Sky Gondola Long Term Parking”. Perhaps that is designated parking I’m thinking.

  4. Anne Bright says:

    Klahanie Campground is where I see it posted.