Thief Returns Stolen Bike

stolen bike

Paige McIvor with the bike that a thief returned it after listening to her plea.

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: July 21, 2014

Paige McIvor’s faith in humanity is stronger this year after the thief who stole her bike returned it after listening to her plea.

“I’m so grateful, this has helped restore my faith in humanity.” Paige McIvor

McIvor’s bike was stolen last summer when she left it in a trail close to her Ring Creek home while hiking with her family, who were visiting from Ontario.


When she came back after two hours, she realised to her shock that her bike was gone.   

McIvor went home, but she didn’t call the police. Instead, she made a placard which said: “Please bring my bike—Thanks You”

She also scribbled her house number under the placard and left it at the spot where the bike had been stolen.

“It felt like someone didn’t realize what they had done,” she said.

Living in a close-knit neighbourhood like Ring Creek also encouraged her to think the bike would be returned.

She forgot about the bike, but was a few weeks later, her neighbor knocked on her door.

“Was that her bike that is on the trail?” he asked.

That day, McIvor recalled, had been hard on her. Her cat had passed away, and she had felt exhausted the whole day.

The return of the bike brought an unexpected cheer to the day.

“I went from crying on the couch to being super happy,” she said.

The thief had also done some minor repairs. She thinks the thief wanted to keep the bike until he or she saw the sign and felt guilty.

Even though the sign was a hail mary shot, McIvor said she had an intuition the bike would be returned.

McIvor wants to thank the person who returned her bike.

“I’m so grateful, this has helped restore my faith in humanity,” she said.


  1. Newcomer says:

    This should be celebrated! So very well done. We need so much more of this!