Auli Parviainen to Run for Mayor

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Auli Parviainen has announed her bid to run for mayor in the upcoming local elections on Nov. 15. Auli

Parviainen said after five years of living in Squamish and three years of involvement with organisations such as Squamish Chamber of Commerce and Inside Edge, she is passionate about seeing Squamish emerge as the resilient, entrepreneurial and energetic hub for play, work, recreation, culture and arts.

“I feel strongly that our community deserves a bigger role in deciding our present and our future,” she said.

“I love to work collaboratively as a part of a team. I was planning to run for council but, much like the last election, I feel a significant community voice is missing among the candidates for mayor.”

Her goals are to foster an environment where citizens can easily participate in making decisions on a regular basis, not just at election time.

She said with ample and inexpensive tools available for open and direct public participation, communication should take place in multiple directions and be meaningfully considered.

“I believe that we should focus on good governance to produce measurable results for the benefit of all.”

“Should I be elected mayor the flow of information will be unencumbered and the decision making process open to the public. I hope this type of leadership inspires others in our community to come forward to be part of a council valuing collaboration and teamwork.”

Parviainen cam e a close second to the present Mayor Rob Kirkham in the last municipal elections in 2011.



  1. Donny says:

    If you stand against that LNG plant and explain how you can stop it , you get my vote ; and I am trusting you that you’re commitment to openness will be maintained once elected?

  2. Dave says:

    Congratulations! There are many who look forward to what you can do for us.

  3. Dave says:

    ….should you be successful in the election. of course…but then I am an optimist! :-)

  4. larry mclennan says:

    Gee, I have never heard any of these promises from politicians before!! Ha, Ha ha.
    If you’re so open Auli- answer these questions
    Where do you stand on the LNG proposal-for or against ?- and don’t bother with the usual non-answer blather
    Will you demand for an audit on the SODC proposal in order to clarify what has gone on and bring forward any improprieties which may have occurred? Yes or No ?
    What specific proposals do you have to reduce municipal costs and place a halter on tax increases ?
    Are you for or against encouraging resource based industries (forestry, mining / oil/gas, etc) locating in or around the District of Squamish?
    In your opinion, can so called “heavy industry” co-exist with other businesses and the general public of the District of Squamish ? Yes or No?
    Currently the OCP (established a number of years ago) set limits on what lands could be developed based on forecast population growth( 21,000 population I think-not certain). I am aware of at least one large real estate development proposal which has been denied on this basis (not one of my clients by the way). Will you encourage a revisiting of this dated OCP provision to open more lands to development ? Yes or No?

    I encourage others to post questions to Auli and any other candidates whose announcements of candidacy are published in this paper. If they won’t answer or try to use weasel wording; you know what they’ll be like on Council.

    • Auli Parviainen says:

      Hi Larry,
      Those questions are great and I do hope that you will ask them of all candidates. I get more often accused of being too direct so there will be no no-answer blather. In the interest of having the answers available to everyone I will answer them on my website which unfortunately is not quite up and running yet. I will post a link here in a few days and would encourage more questions too. My intent is to allow for respectful disagreement with the understanding that there are some who are unable to engage in that type of dialogue. For that I am truly sorry as it helps no one and doesn’t bring us one step closer to consensus building. Thanks again, I am working hard to cover as much ground as I can.

  5. Jean says:

    A plebiscite is one way for all of us here to draw a line in the waters and in front of the pipeline on LNG proposed to travel under our houses here in Squamish. The results will provide a few clues to the next council about how much value the community places on the environment and perhaps how much of a green framework should be brought to future policies and decisions.” Do it now, do it fast, do it before the election!!!

  6. larry mclennan says:

    The upcoming election should satisfy the “plebiscite” requirement. All you need to do as a voter is to get the candidates to declare a defined position on your areas/topics of concern (in Jean’s case- the LNG proposal). Good luck with that line in the water and you’ll have to dig some in order to put a line in front of the underground pipeline. Jean is apparently worried that the LNG plant will explode with the power of myriad nucler bombs . If I may express his concern using Jeanesque lingo- we wouldn’t want 53 aromic bums going off like the ones they dropped on hirohoagy and hackysaki to rear end the sex-ed whorled whore.

  7. Dave says:

    Everyone should remember that Council cannot decide whether the LNG goes ahead or not.
    All they can do is mirror what they think Squamish might wish for…if this would ever be possible!
    Yes Larry, you can put Auli on the spot regarding that one issue….but its significance?
    Haven’t you been against a referendum on this?….I recall that you were. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Brad Hodge says:

    My issues with Auli I think were crystallized perfectly after my speech in support of WLNG down in West Van. For my trouble, she publicly implied that I might be a paid staffer/supporter of WLNG (I am not) and then mocked me, both behind my back during the speech (on camera) and again on Facebook when she changed her Facebook profile photo to a fruit cup, mocking my mention of one of many families I have encountered struggling (including at times, my own) with our difficult local economy. That last act, I think, was particularly petty and unnecessary, and I think it’s symptomatic of what I see as an inability to separate the personal from the political. And that does not bode well when it is likely we will be facing another divided Council going forward in November. We need a Mayor who can at least attempt to bridge the divide, converse respectfully with opponents and compromise without being rigidly ideological. I just don’t feel Auli is that candidate and I encourage those on the fence to spend some time in Squamish Speaks and elsewhere perusing her comments for an idea of what I’m talking about.

  9. larry mclennan says:

    Yes, I am against a referendum on this. However, I have the impression that Squamish has/is getting a reputation as being anti-business as a community and I believe the elected officials and those running for those positions should clearly state their positions. Unfortunately, many of the anti-LNG statements coming out with respect ot the LNG plant are so fatuous as to be laughable. I have done some signifant research on LNG plants and I doubt if many of the electorate have done the same. My opinion is that significant financial proposals such as LNG and the SODC should be thoroughly investigated by the people making the decisions of support or non-support such that the interests of the District are most beneficially represented (isn’t that what they were elected for?). I personally doubt that many of the electorate have much knowledge of either (LNG/SODC) proposal. Unfortunately , fear-mongering is effective as a tool to sway elections and referendums and there has been a plethora of that coming from the anti-LNG groups.

  10. Jean says:

    What are some so afraid of, to hear what the people of Squamish think of the LNG, freely expressing there views and be counted. It would be a great energizer or a stop to some fantasy number cruncher s and pseudo scientist and accountants, if the true picture would be shown and yes it could effect the outcome of the election but in a good way, eider shut up and start accepting the majority and with it, the candidates should be forced to take a stand and stand by it

  11. G_h says:

    God help us all if Auli is elected. I could maybe forgive her muddle-headed anti-capitalist politics, support for all things populist and faddish (skatepark, anti-LNG, etc) and ugly personal attacks on people who pose any intellectual threat to her (Brad offers a good example above) but can never forgive her for being such an insufferable windbag. The last thing our busy council needs is a woman who can never express a single simple concept in less than a thousand words ….

    • squampton says:

      You nailed it . The last thing our town needs is anti-capitalist rants from someone who has nothing to show for her time as a political opponent. Just rants, no solutions.

      • Ron says:

        Excellent statement. folks. this sounds like good old lefty, pressure talks here. If you are not for us, you are against “us”. I am actually a bit shocked how quickly this turns into some mud-throwing contests like the Greens in Germany. If you are not for us, lets go immediately after the poor soul and pressure her into surrender.

        Aulia, i was actually encouraged you put your name up for election, it’s said that you caved into keyboard pressure. Rather disappointing. Best of luck.

  12. larry mclennan says:

    Jean- I’m not certain whether you’re agree with me or not. By having the various candidates declare , before the election,which side of a given issue they stand on (in this case the Woodfibre LNG proposal) the voters can decide who they wish to vote for-right? I presume the term “fantasy” refers mostly to the pseudo scientist types in the My Sea to Sky, et al, arena who, in my opinion , rely on fantasy for many of their pronouncements . Also how is it that you can spell “pseudo” correctly but screw up so many other words by spelling them phonetically ? By the way , I do enjoy your posts when you do this . It reminds me of one satirist who parodied some ill- informed folks by talking about ” allegories basking on the Nile”

  13. larry mclennan says:

    Careful G_h. I can hear the howl of accusations re: misogyny whispering through the PC wilderness re: the “woman who can never…”. Perhaps you should have reused the “insufferable windbag” description where you used “woman” or, may I suggest , ‘bloviating blowhard ‘,or perhaps, “verbosely flatulent far- lefty’ and leave out the ‘woman” part. These terms are gender neutral and, in Auli’s case, all appear to be , unfortunately, appropriate.

  14. Jean says:

    Hi Larry, That,s the kind of blogs that are nice with a bit of humour… Born in Europe from a European father who was born in USA, I immigrated to Canada and payed the then 10 $ and became a loyal subject to the Queen, so you see, I speak a few lingo,s and sometimes I mix them up, but those that have a world education and are actually more or less World Citizens, even so they pay there taxes in Canada…. what does that make me?
    It is nice to live in a free country where Democracy rules for one day on election time and afterwards reverts to a bloody dictatorship more or less and when you search a bit about some very progressive countries where they truly value the voice of the people called direct democracy, then you will know why many, especially young Canadians are more into Hockey and Beer and let the others do the talking. This slowly is changing and it is issues like HST, LNG,etc etc. that actually will be eventually leading to eider anarchy or if everybody starts putting in a bit of time and effort and maybe with mandatory voting and referendums, that should be considered actual guidelines to the party in power and with it, should be taken seriously, rather then happily waiting out there term until the kettle blows up and an other party starts again for X # of years, doing exactly the opposite eg. Fast Ferries now LNG and past HST and on and on. So whats wrong with town hall meetings and Referendums? The more people are engaged in positive affairs and creation of enterprise, instead of sports and Golf and other useless recreations, waiting till somebody creates a job for them, and would rather spend a bit more time about the affairs of running a country the benefits of an engaged population with a positive attitude and well trained and standing firm against the miss use of power etc. the better this country would be and flourish. Did you go to the Quest eye opener about Fracking and the economical benefits of it….every accountand would certainly enjoy some research of this kind.

    • Ron says:

      whoaa, what a rant. Jean, no offense. but you need to chill. Recommend anger management. seems a lot of anger coming up, heaps of it. or is it some narrative fed to you by 3rd or 4th parties? so we go from property taxes, to invasion of the zorg’s. A lot of the junk science you throw around i have heard for some time, but its like Y2K, everyone went on overdrive, billions with capital B was spend on this rubbish. An entire industry worked itself up over the trivia. Lots of fears, lots of it. Lets be a bit pragmatic, shall we? I am not sure what is a world education? Could you enlighten us mere mortals who were not so fortunate what does this actually mean? I am also not entirely sure you promote democracy because some of the rant that you and Ralph displayed on the forum, no offense, is actually offensive. But hey, what do i know i am just not a worldly educated one.

  15. M Dean says:

    My top ten “against” list if I was running for Mayor:
    10. The tug with the penis painted on the side, cause it’s just not right.
    9. Anything Christy Clark and Jordan Sturdy is in favor of.
    8. Being “Epic”, “What ever branding”, “Stop here cause we’re desperate for business”, when we are “The Outdoor Recreation Capital Of Canada”
    7. Woodfibre LNG cause it’s just not right for “THE OUTDOOR RECREATION CAPITAL OF CANADA”. (See my top 15 list why I’m against LNG Woodfibre)
    6. Putting up any more signs in this town.
    5. Speeding Vancouverites burning through town en-route to Whistler. Like The bumper sticker says ” relax this isn’t the Mainland” Impliment photo radar, option to work off the fine playing a round of golf.
    4. Any residential expansion unless it includes a neighbourhood park where children can play so they don’t have to on the streets.
    3. The SODC cause it has no future.
    2. All council members who voted hefty increases for themselves, the secrecy behind closed doors and anyone who’s against drive through’s.
    1. Any 25% tax increase over 4 years, and those in favor of it.

  16. larry mclennan says:

    I look forward to reviewing your website. I will attempt to post your answers to my questions on this blog. I am asking pretty much the same questions of each candidate who shows up on this paper.

  17. larry mclennan says:

    From what I can determine- Auli is anti-Woodfibre LNG. See comments on her Jobs-just not the kind… article.

  18. G_h says:

    Thanks for the guidance, Larry. In fact it seems the Great Bloviator does not welcome negative feedback of any kind, PC or un-PC. From her FB page: “Some of the online comments have been, shall we say, not kind … still not sure what a windbag is …. So, this is IMPORTANT: Please, please always keep in mind that it does no good to name call, attack, condescend, patronize, demean or put down another human being.” Perish the thought. However I have just discovered that the Dead Kennedys wrote a song about her:

    I am Auli Parviainen
    My aura smiles
    And never frowns
    Soon I will be council major

    Kirkham Power will soon go away
    I will be Fuhrer one day
    I will command all of you
    Your kids will meditate in school
    Your kids will meditate in school!

    Garibaldi Uber Alles
    Garibaldi Uber Alles
    Uber Alles Garibaldi
    Uber Alles Garibaldi

    Zen fascists will control you
    100% natural
    You will jog for the master race
    And always wear the happy face

    Close your eyes, can’t happen here
    Big Bro’ on white horse is near
    The hippies won’t come back you say
    Mellow out or you will pay
    Mellow out or you will pay!


    Now it is twenty-one-four
    Knock-knock at your front door
    It’s the lululemon secret police
    They have come for your uncool niece

    Come quietly to the camp
    You’d look nice as a drawstring lamp
    Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower
    For your clothes here’s a pretty flower.

    Die on organic poison gas
    Serpent’s egg’s already hatched
    You will croak, you little clown
    When you mess with Parviainen
    When you mess with Parviainen

  19. Jean says:

    It should be mandatory that each candidate would have to post there personal e-mail and we could test them how quick we would get a reply… That would also be my decision to give somebody my vote, as I would expect them to do the same once elected,