Housing Affordability, Fiscal Responsibility Key for Dosanjh


Paul Dosanjh

By Kerry Eno
Published: Oct 25, 2014

Paul Dosanjh sits at a table at Naked Lunch after just having interrupted his shift at Save On Food, where he has worked for 23 years. Work has never tired him and it has never fell short of delivering enough challenge and change to keep him engaged: “I had lots of chances to move up, to grow my career but I wanted to stay in Squamish.”

Paul is a long-term Squamish resident. He still lives in the home he was raised in, a home his parents purchased in 1976.  He shares the home with his wife, two teenaged daughters, and his mother, who is 73 and just recently celebrated her birthday.

After more than 40 years in Squamish, Paul is ready to step into the role of councillor, if elected.  He considered running in the last election, but realized that kids were young and he will have to postpone those plans for November 2014.

Dosanjh is ready and supported by a team of experienced local advisors.  Former Squamish mayor Corinne Lonsdale and former councillor Paul Lalli, who was only 24 when he was elected, are offering their expertise to the Dosanjh campaign.

Paul doesn’t focus on high stakes, intense competition, or personal profit. He’s a long-haul champion and likes to focus on things that matter to him: his hometown, his career at Save On, and family. 

Even his hobby, golf, requires patience and a willingness to repeatedly confront one’s greatest foe: self. Dosanjh comments: “It’s challenging.  Always a different shot each time you hit it.”

Dosanjh does not hesitate when asked what tops his list of personal values: “Family.  I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for them.  My kids are out there banging in the campaign signs in the rain.”

Dosanjh would like to keep Squamish affordable for the next generation.  He wants his daughters to be able to live in their hometown, if they choose. Things might not get any cheaper, but Dosanjh favours development that creates employment opportunities with decent wages.

He is not a one-man show: “One councillor can’t do anything by themselves.  As long as we work together as a team, we can get things done.” 


  1. larry mclennan says:

    Fiscal responsibility- your talking my language Paul.