Putting Aside Rainwater for a Dry Day


It costs about $60 to buy a plastic barrel and hardware necessary to build a rain barrel—a little bit more for a classy oak cask.

Now More Reasons to Visit Our Library


The library is introducing new programs and services, despite a $30,000 budget cut last year.

Renewing Your Mortgage

By Paul HudsonPublished: Nov. 16, 2014     Renewing Your Mortgage – Bank Or Broker? We all have busy lives, so signing the mortgage renewalRead More

Patricia Heintzman Elected Mayor of Squamish


Squamish voters elected Patricia Heintzman as their Mayor and brought in three new faces to council in one of the most hotly-contested municipal election in recent history.

Gas Pipeline and District Liability

By Herbert VesleyPublished: Nov 11, 2014 Local media provided extensive coverage on the proposed LNG plant and candidates for council have taken so-so positions. SomeRead More

Anti-LNG Protest Draws 200 People


An anti-LNG protest drew a crowd of 200 people to downtown Squamish on Saturday, Nov. 8.