I SAY…Mothers Have the Hardest Jobs

Ren Cherlet-2By Ren Cherlet
Published: March 19, 2015



I’m not talking about the daily domestic work here. Mothers are creating the minds of our future generations. They are habit engineers, emotional architects and household lawyers. The early childhood development work they do sets the course for the decades ahead.

“I say” that’s a pretty big job.

In all of my professional career, I’ve never taken a job more seriously, until I found out I was becoming a mother. I changed my entire way of thinking. I became fully aware of the enormous responsibility that was being placed on my shoulders.

I knew that the words I spoke, food I consumed, and the products I used, would have an effect on me and my entire family, including my unborn child. I realized my thoughts and emotions also had a very profound effect. I am a believer that my thoughts create my reality and that every thought I had, every emotion I felt, would also be felt by my baby.

It was then I took a personal vow to encourage conscious and compassionate beliefs. I questioned everything I was and everything I was taught, good, bad and indifferent. I now use being a conscious mother as my guide through life, love, relationships and parenting.

Most parents know that raising kids teaches us a lot about ourselves. Our kids are living mirrors that reflect our good and bad habits and behaviours. They are a powerful reminder of how much improvement we still need to do ourselves.

“I say” that we need to work hard at leading by example and taking ownership of our own behaviours. Our success will be reflected in the future emotional and physical well being of our families and society as a whole. Mothers have the ability to shift their entire family into the family they want.

It’s hard enough being a mom without the added pressure of feeling like every decision is being scrutinized by others. Judgement comes in from all angles; breastfed/bottlefed, disposable diapers/cloth diapers….the debates go on. All moms really need, is to know that they have support without judgement.

Mothers need to be supported based on the responsibility they have and for the value they contribute to our collective future. We as a society need to have more respect and compassion for them and their children, and lift them up rather than pass judgements. Mothers need to feel that they can ask for help.

Have you heard that it takes a village to raise a child? It does. It takes all of us. It is no longer survival of the fittest; rather, it is the survival of an entire community that matters. Mothers are the backbone of our society and the glue that holds a family together.

It takes wisdom, courage, and patience to be a conscious mother. It means being open and respectful of your journey as a mother while providing the right tools to raise your children. Let your “motherly” instincts guide you.

We are capable of cultivating our children’s behaviours and habits. To do this, we need to look within ourselves and be the change we want to see in our children. We are the image in which they see themselves.

“I say” that mothers have the power to change the world. Let’s try harder to support mothers (this includes fathers, step-parents, grandparents and you the reader) in raising the compassionate leaders of tomorrow our world so desperately needs.