Social Media Isn’t All That Social


I am not a big fan of social media myself, because I find that it is a place where people can easily get bullied and where they can easily do very inappropriate things.

Eat Nutritious Food With Your Family


Regardless of whether you are “dieting” to lose weight or eating a specific “diet” for health and performance reasons, in essence everyone is on a diet.

Massage Can Put the Bark Back Into Your Dog

Courtney with baxter

HUMANs are not the only one to know the bonding power of touch. Courtney Driver knows it can strengthen the bond between animals and humans too. And if Bella could speak, she may have told you how much she loved the hour-long massages she received from Courtney.

Startup Squamish Sputters to a Stop

gomes and crewson-MAIN

Startup Squamish founder Dave Crewson says they invested their time and money in showing values to the community, but didn’t have much success in forging partnerships that are crucial to creating entrepreneurial ecosystems.

New in Town: The Palmers


JULIA Palmer looks outside her kitchen window and the scene is positively Elysian. There are birds chirping in the dense canopy of trees and there is usually a family of ducks quacking as they glide on the backyard creek.

No Risk to Air Quality, Soil, or Water Following Terminal Fire, Survey Finds


There are no potential air quality, or risks to soil, vegetation and water following the Terminal fire, according to the survey conducted by the District of Squamish and other agencies. Photo: NEWS1130