Small Timber Fire Contained; Mop Up Underway


Photo courtesy of Danielle Savoie

The BC Wildfire Service reports that the small timber fire in Squamish<> that began Saturday evening is completely contained and fire crews are on mop up stage. Mop-up occurs after a fire, or any part of a fire, is controlled. Mopping up makes a fire safe by extinguishing or removing burning and hazardous material. Firefighters from both the BC Wildfire Service and Squamish Fire Rescue are on scene today. 

The fire area is located above Rockridge Place (north end of Tantalus Road) adjacent to the south end of Jack’s Trail on the perimeter of the Alice Lake Trail network. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

CLOSURE – Jack’s Trail and surrounding area (i.e. trails leading to or from Jack’s Trail) are closed to the public today. Fire crews are asking the public to please stay clear of the area.

The next update will be provided late Sunday afternoon unless there is a change in the situation.


  1. Frank Manuel says:

    Our mealy–mouthed politicians won’t say so, but Fort McMurray is the wave of the climate-changed future. We ALL need to be super-vigilant.

    • tjay says:

      Frank-Ly, you turned this into your own personal political agenda. Well done. Pfffffffft !