District to Give Free Bus Passes to Syrian refugees

The District of Squamish will give free bus passes for one year to two Syrian refugee families now calling Squamish their home. District will provide bus passes for one year for a family of four and bus passes for another family of eight. The passes for two families are worth $3,300. The request for bus passes were given by council at the request of families sponsoring the refugees.
“Providing transportation via a bus pass will enable the families to have the opportunity to easily travel around Squamish while they learn to navigate and explore the community,” said the district spokesperson, Christina Moore. Moore said the district hopes the bus passes will help in settlement as the families’ access services, amenities, and employment they need.
“Recognizing the harrowing experiences they’ve been through and the major transition they have ahead of them, it’s a gesture to demonstrate that we welcome them into our community and want to help them succeed,” she said.
Moore said the families sponsoring the refugees are putting up more than $30,000 to support the family for a year while the refugees integrate into the community. The free bus passes will give the families some independence and mobility, and help volunteer groups with financially as well as providing them a help with transportation. Geraldine Guilfoyle is part of the family settlement group and said the families are delighted to receive the free bus passes, which are being issues as part of a welcome package. She said the passes are proving to be a very practical and well-used gift.


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