BIA and Police Work Together on Crime Prevention

In light of a recent break and enters to local Squamish businesses, the Downtown Squamish BIA has been in communication with the RCMP and Community Policing to proactively address the issue. A CEPTED review for the membership is being coordinated for a date in September. This is a program through the police force that reviews areas for their environmental design (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). An example would be for a business to trim up their trees to produce a more open concept so there is more visibility.

When a break and enter to a business occurs you should contact the police so that they can investigate the circumstances of the event. 

Things police  are looking for when they arrive to the scene are the following:

-Where was the entry gained

-Have the property owners or person coming to the scene touched the doors/windows/point of entry

-Is there an alarm

-Is there any video surveillance that would assist police in the investigation

-Are the surfaces recently cleaned and or suitable for police to call out our Forensics Section

-List of items taken/anything of value and or specific identifying markers of those items

-Are there neighbouring businesses in the area that have video surveillance

-Who was the last employee to leave and lock up and at what time

In relation to the recent rash of break and enters that occurred on the weekend, police have reviewed the files and the common theme was there were no alarms set or used. There was also no video surveillance. In one instance it was stolen. In one instance no entry was gained because the business used a number of different locks on the door.

If your business is broken into, please call 911 or the Squamish RCMP non-emergency line at 604.892.6100. Please to register for the September CEPTED session. Thank you.