Squamish Transit Improvements: Frequent Trips, Better Sunday and Holiday Service

Now there are more reasons to leave your car at home. Effective September 5, BC Transit is introducing several new changes to Squamish Transit, including more bus trips, frequent service, and more buses on the road on Sunday and holidays.

The new changes also include a simplified fare structure that includes all children 12 and under boarding for free.

Several new trips will be added to the schedule to improve Sunday and holiday bus service. As well, on weekdays, buses between Garibaldi Village and downtown Squamish will now run with greater frequency. Specifically the system will see the following specific improvements: 

  • The Route 4 Tantalus will now operate during parts of the weekday midday, which improves the frequency of the Core Transit Service between Garibaldi Village and downtown Squamish.
  • Sunday and holiday service is significantly increasing with double the amount of service that exists today. Service on Sundayand holidays will also now begin at 9:00am and finish at 8:30pm (today it starts at 10am and finishes at 6:00pm).
  • With respect to fares, all riders will now pay a simplified cash fare of $2. The price of monthly passes and fares for handyDART riders will still stay the same, while children under 12 will now be able to ride for free.
​Everyone boarding is expected to pay or inform the driver that they fit a category not requiring payment. It is anticipated that the youth of the community will honestly interact with the driver and inform the driver that they are 12 or under, or pay the appropriate fare to ride the bus.

If the child does not inform the driver when boarding and attempts to pass without paying the driver may ask the child if they are 12 or under, said Maureen Sheehan, the Communications Director for BC Transit.

For more information about schedules, routes and service changes in Squamish, please visit bctransit.com/squamish.​


  1. Jonathan Warner says:

    It seems that the service to Quest hasn’t improved. It’s good to have a choice of buses in the morning rush hour; but the 4-hour gap after those until after lunch needs plugging. I guess I’ll still have to drive, especially as the cost of rides has risen (by almost 25% for the ten-ride tickets).