Local Saves $10,000 in Making Home Energy Efficient


By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: May 26, 2012 Frank Rensing is honest about why he chose to make his home more energy efficient. He didn’t do itRead More

Know Your Candidates: Peter Kent, Karen Elliott, Auli Parviainen, Eric Andersen, Rob Weys, Bryan Raiser, Doug Race


Council candidates Peter Kent, Karen Elliott, Auli Parvianinen, Eric Andersen, Rob Weys, Bryan Raiser introduce themselves and explain their political platforms.

LNG: Where Squamish Council Candidates Stand

Woodfibre LNG Project Rendering June 2014

Where do they stand on LNG and what do they plan to do about it if elected ? Counil candidates explain their stance on LNG.

Heavy Industry and Tourism Don’t Mix, says Anti-LNG Activist

Eoin Finn

In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, Finn says heavy industry like Woodfibre LNG threatens the environment and the town’s emerging tourism-based economy.

Branding Focus is Too Narrow

Where I see the real problem with the re-branding direction is in its narrow focus, which is entirely on tourism. We are short changing ourselves here, because it fails to address any other economic segments we may wish to attract. The idea, that Squamish should recast itself as a tourist destination is not new, as witnessed by the description we already claim for ourselves.