Where Help Is an All Wheel-Drive


Terry Aldridge drives cancer patients to Vancouver and keeps them in good humour with his jokes.

A Squamish Trade that Stems From the Soul

Mama from our weaver group

Shannon Logan found the courage to mix love with business, and the result was a global women’s collective.

When the Grass is Greener


Bryan Raiser introduced us to people who got marijuana products from his controversial dispensary and benefited hugely.

How the Alice and Edith Lakes Were Named


The naming of Alice and Edith lakes reveals how the early settlers’ pursuit of leisure was a precursor to what came to be known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.

All You Need is a Pawsitive State of Mind


It’s been 25 years since the incident in Cabos San Lucas, but Egyed is still finding homes for dogs, now with much more dedication and organisational effort. In last July, she realised a lifelong dream of forming a non-profit called Pawsitive Animal Rescue.

A River Runs Through Him

Pastor darcy

Three years ago, Pastor Darcy Reimer stood on the Squamish River dike, looked at the flowing river and asked God: “Do you have a role for me here? Should I be in Squamish?”