New Holiday Lights Planned for Cleveland Ave. in Downtown Squamish

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Oct. 27, 2012

District of Squamish is looking to spend $25,000 on holiday lights along Cleveland Ave.

As the current lights near the end of their lifecycle, the district is interested in new lighting fixtures that provide a festive and colourful look to the main street.

These lights will be for the mid-blocks on Cleveland Avenue, street corners on Cleveland Avenue,  some on Tantalus Road.

Recently, the district issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) asking electrical companies to bid for holiday lighting fixtures which will be the focal point of Cleveland Avenue in downtown Squamish during the holidays.

District has a budget of $25,000 for the 2012 holiday lighting supply.

Long term scheme is for lights all along Cleveland Avenue in downtown Squamish and also the commercial core of Tantalus Road, South of Garibaldi Way.

The district is looking to spend roughly $80,000 – $100,000 on more than 100 electric fixtures over the few years.

For Cleveland Ave, district wants the lighting to appeal to the children’s sense of magic, and evoke nostalgia for adults. Classic Christmas imagery, but nothing overly religious, is what the district wants.




  1. TCee says:

    Loved the OLD photo of downtown Squamish you resurrected. This was a time, about 10 years ago, when downtown Squamish, all along Cleveland, had lovely shady trees that made the downtown so pleasant in the summer and friendly in the winter. Now Cleveland has maybe 5 trees, with all the rest being chopped down, making it look bare and not very enticing, unlike, for instance, Fort Langley or Chemainus, or neaby Ambleside. And, of course there are no trees along Second Ave, a barren wasteland. Pity some of the $25,000-$80,000 is not being alocated to a re-planting of trees to soften the downtown image. And nothing is more magical than lights waving in and among tree branches.

  2. Dottie says:

    I agree. This photo is beautiful! It should hang in the Adventure Centre replacing the current one that greets all at the entrance. I shake my head every time I see it. The focal point is a blue tarp-covered building under construction and seems to be taken in the winter. It’s certainly not a true representaion of downtown Squamish. If I were a visitor, and that picture was my first introduction to Squamish, I’m sad to say, I’d keep on drivin’. Just saying… Someone needs to rethink that shot!