District Kickstarts Branding Exercise


District of Squamish is paying worldwide tourism development mogul Roger Brooks International $65,000 to help rebrand Squamish.

Jason Cyr Becomes a ‘Real’ Entrepreneur


Jason Cyr’s Tiipz wasn’t a success, but the tech entrepreneur spent little time to mourn its failure.

Keeping Every Magazine in its Place


Sue Barker has been a volunteer at the library for the last seven years.

Food Most Expensive in VCH Region

food bank

The residents of Sea to Sky Region, along with communities in Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast, have to pay more for food compared to the rest of the province.

Surprise Visitors in Our Skies

logger head

At least 10 birds not native to this region have been found freely roaming out skies. But it’s not free spirited wanderlust that brings them here.

Snails Only Live in the Garden !

By Lani SheldonPublished: Sept. 21, 2013   By late summer, the anticipation among parents of school-aged children for the return of the school year isRead More