Solterra Plans Public Market, Climbing Gym, and Bike Park in Squamish


This summer, Solterra Development Corporation will start work on a public market in the former PacWest building, across from the Howe Sound Inn, on Cleveland Ave. Solterra will also build an indoor mountain bike park and a climbing facility on a portion of the 20-acre business park the company bought from the district in 2012.

The Childhood Illness No One Talks About

With the onset of spring we are finally nearing the end of cold and flu season, a time period similar to the dark ages for parents with small children.

Standing Up For Squamish

Last week, I attended a sustainability conference in Prince Edward Island. In communities all over Canada, people are grappling with the word.

Drive-Through Drive By

I have collected a few of the common arguments against them for the purposes of offering an opposing viewpoint for balance.

Parking Could Get Tight in Downtown Squamish


There may be fewer parking spots available in the downtown core if council passes a downtown parking incentive program.

Film Company Faces Fines for Illegal Film Shoot at Smoke Bluffs Park

smoke bluffs

District of Squamish may fine a film production company for illegally shooting at the Smoke Bluff Park in January. The illegal movie shoot was discovered by Brian Moorehead, a member of the Smoke Bluffs Parks Committee.