How to Afford a Home in Squamish ?

Like any other real estate market, purchasing a home in Squamish requires a game plan. Determining what you can afford and creating a budget are both good starting points.

In Response to Eoin Finn

john weston-main

when we make large- scale decisions that affect the environment and the economy of British Columbia, everyone’s point of view is to be considered while applicants undergo the rigorous review process.

Why We Need a referendum on Woodfibre LNG

Squamish would benefit from a referendum on Woodfibre LNG for the same reasons: To remain credible, parties on both sides of the debate would have to jettison exaggerations and misinformation too.

16 Teeth Marks, Five Deep Wounds’: Dog Attacks Local in Garibaldi Highlands Trail


I screamed in pain and instinctively threw out my hand to ward him off. He chewed on the underside of my forearm. The blood soaked my white capris and dripped onto my leather sandals.

Tales of the Howe Sound

furry creek

As the air gets crisper and the sun starts to set earlier. The short days mean less daylight hours to play outside, however, there are still many incredible adventures to experience in Squamish.

A Sound Sanctuary on Third Ave


The Sound Sanctuary is being conceived by Wallace as a performance/sculpture live/work studio with some parts made out of recycled cargo containers, and other recycled objects.