Life is Good Here Without LNG

Woodfibre LNG Project Rendering June 2014

Howe Sound is incredible. The power of North America’s southernmost Fjord, lies in all of the unique communities on its shores, and the vibrant people that account for it. YOU are a part of this story.

The Protest Song of Squamish

Saxby (2)

Every protest spins its own narrative, creates its own rhythms, and sings its own songs. Songs and art of the protest can sometimes be its most powerful symbols. When art for art’s sake becomes difficult to pursue, politics can provide the reason to explore a long-forgotten artistic side.

The Long and Short of LNG

By Gagandeep GhumanPublished: March 26, 2015   I was talking to a man, vociferously against the Woodfibre LNG plant, while he drove me around inRead More

A Sense of My Place in the World

Consciously or unconsciously, we all look for people in our lives that are a reflection of ourselves. It is how we find validation, camaraderie and a sense of our place in the world. To be able to say, ‘they are just like me!’ brings comfort and connection.

I SAY…Mothers Have the Hardest Jobs

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I’m not talking about the daily domestic work here. Mothers are creating the minds of our future generations. They are habit engineers, emotional architects and household lawyers. The early childhood development work they do sets the course for the decades ahead.

Red Cross to assist Squamish, Whistler in emergencies


District of Squamish and Resort Municipality of Whistler have both signed agreements with the Canadian Red Cross that will enable them to better provide immediate assistance for people impacted by fires, landslides, floods or other emergencies.