SPCA Calls for Help for Severely Injured Kitten


Found in a metal recycling dumpster in a community north of Pemberton, little Ella suffered what appear to be crush injuries to her front feet and a dislocated vertebrae at the base of her tail.

The Dwindling Downtown Squamish

KK photo 1

THESE days downtown Squamish is really a very down downtown. In less than a year, I saw two eating places, one coffee shop with a church, an appliance wholesaler, a merchandize store, and a start-up business support enterprise close their doors.

Random Occurrences Without Correlation

THE recent trilogy of anomalous occurrences in our region (English Bay tanker oil spill, Squamish Terminals wharf fire, and Squamish Chief massive rock fall) have created some speculation about the accelerated relation between anthropogenic processes and the natural world.

Slow Down While We Have the Opportunity


MY mother always said bad things happen in threes. The oil spill in English Bay, the fire at Squamish Terminals and the chip off the Chief were three shocking events that took place over a short period of time close to home that are a good example of this superstition.

New in Town: Elizabeth Harris


Elizabeth Harris has bought a property in Paradise Valley to be closer to nature and bring it alive in her art.

The Mystical Silences of Taize


The Taizé style of worship isn’t limited by age or geography. In churches across the world, members gather once or twice a month to worship God with chants, music, short prayers and silence. At St. John the Divine Anglican Church, they gather on the first Monday of each month for a Taizé service that takes 25 minutes