District Cancels Canada Day Fireworks

District of Squamish

District has cancelled Canada Day fireworks on July 1 due to the high fire risk. The issuance of current backyard campfire permits is suspended until further notice.

Preparing for the Parade of Piety


Preparation for the annual Sikh Parade on Saturday, June 20, is an act of piety as people pitch in every way they can.

The Plumed Princess of O’Brien Store


AT THE O’Brien Pet Foods and Supply store, you will find gecko lizards, goldfish, hamsters, ferrets, budgies and finches, along with all kinds of pet accessories and, of course, pet food. But there is something that isn’t for sale: Princess, the store’s African Grey parrot who endearingly walks up to you and tries to nibble on your shoes, especially if you are a guy.

Test of Metal: ‘A Great Day Out with 800 of Your Closest Bike Friends’


The test is not the most technical race course, nor the hardest but it is just a great day out with 800 of your closest bike friends, says Test of Metal director Cliff Miller in this special interview with Paula de Jong.

New in Town: Bill Stoner


BILL Stoner has been in Squamish for only a few months but his new job has placed him in the thick of Squamish action during a major event.

Squamish Air Quality at ‘High Health Risk’


As a result of the Elaho Valley wildfire, the Air Quality Health Index is currently indicating that air quality in Squamish is 9 or “high health risk”.