Highway 99: Actionable Suggestions by a Citizen


Here is a brief list of problem areas accompanied by actionable suggestions, some that can be accomplished quickly while others more involved.

Taking the town’s pulse

community foundation

In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, Squamish Community Foundation president Doug Hackett and communication coordinator Dave Thomson explain the process and the intent of Vital Signs

‘I’m More Patient Now’: Coun. Ted Prior


Coun. Ted Prior ran in 2009 on the promise of a renewed waterfront, diking, economic development, and better governance. He speaks about his first stint as a councillor and shares his views on SODC, LNG, and other issues.

‘It’s Been a Great Start to the Gondola’: Trevor Dunn


No other tourism venture has taken our town to such soaring heights as the Sea to Sky Gondola. It has brought generous and positive press attention to Squamish, and has emboldened locals to think of themselves as a tourism destination in itself, not just a pit stop on the way to Whistler. Gagandeep Ghuman spoke to Trevor Dunn about the public response to the gondola and plans for the future.

‘Open for Business a Priority’: Coun. Raiser


Now in his second term as a councillor, Bryan Raiser has shown a lot more grit and grasp than his constituents and supporters are used to seeing.

I Have Faith in the System on Woodfibre LNG: Sturdy


In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, MLA Jordan Sturdy talked about his experience as a rookie MLA, his views on Woodfibre LNG and his position as an secretary to the Minster of Transportation.