One Bill, One Due Date Rankles Citizens

District of Squamish Is it a convenience or a burden to lump together taxes and utilities, both due before July 4? Depends on whom you ask. If you believe the district, the decision to streamline both payment into one due date would “increase convenience for residents and businesses.” Citizens like Anne Bright might see this word play in a different light.

New Trails, Epic Bike Loop, Full Time Trail Crew: A Big Year Ahead for SORCA


This will be a BIG year for Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of trail advocacy, sustainability and fun events in Squamish.

Will the Downtown Sirocco Project Take Away From Brand Squamish ?


A Downtown Squamish resident is questioning the council’s approval of a six-story apartment building on Loggers Lane, which she says will block the views of the Chief and defile the outdoor recreation brand of Squamish.

Should District Buy the Brackendale Art Gallery


There is no doubt that the Brackendale Art Gallery is a more than just a building. It’s a meeting place for locals and artists alike, a place where you can enjoy talks, theatre, and art all under the twinkling eyes of its eccentric owner, Thor Froslev. But should the district buy it ?

Minister Gives Cold Response to Mayor on Foreign Buyers Tax in Squamish

mayor signs

BC Minister of Finance, Michael de Jong, has given an ambiguous response to Mayor Patricia Heintzman’s request to implement a 15 per real estate tax on foreign buyers in Squamish.

District to Give Free Bus Passes to Syrian refugees

District of Squamish

The District of Squamish will give free bus passes for one year to two Syrian refugee families now calling Squamish their home.

Meet Michael Chong, Who Wants to Rebuild the Conservative Party


The Conservative Party needs to rebuild itself, said Michael Chong, one among the 13 candidates vying to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He shared his vision with a party members and supports at the West Vancouver home of John Weston.

Inspired Art Gallery Comes to Downtown Squamish


The pop up art gallery is a month long project that welcomes all local artists to share space in what French hopes will be the town’s newest Community Driven Art Space.

District Making it Easier to Walk, Cycle, or Travel

District of Squamish

More sidewalks and bike lanes under Active Transportation Plan to ease navigation.