The Protest Song of Squamish

Saxby (2) Every protest spins its own narrative, creates its own rhythms, and sings its own songs. Songs and art of the protest can sometimes be its most powerful symbols. When art for art’s sake becomes difficult to pursue, politics can provide the reason to explore a long-forgotten artistic side.

A Dogged Pursuit of Life in Squamish


Blossom, the never-say-die dog from Korea, has just two legs but a lot of spring in his step.

The Many Avatars of Sukanto Tanoto


Squamish residents don’t seem to be convinced with Tanoto’s heroic image his company offers. Woodfibre LNG has come to acquire the scandalous aura his critics and detractors have found on him.

How the Alice and Edith Lakes Were Named


The naming of Alice and Edith lakes reveals how the early settlers’ pursuit of leisure was a precursor to what came to be known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.

Red Cross to assist Squamish, Whistler in emergencies


District of Squamish and Resort Municipality of Whistler have both signed agreements with the Canadian Red Cross that will enable them to better provide immediate assistance for people impacted by fires, landslides, floods or other emergencies.

What Squamish Can Learn from North Vancouver


City of North Vancouver is teaming up with a local business in that city to create an alternative heat source for residents. The goal? Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build sustainable models for energy consumption.

Going Out of His Way to Help

Peter Auld

When Inis Leblanc asked Pete Auld if he could help with a new Squamish ReBuild sign she was planning to install on the Highway, she thought he was going to answer a few questions.

Developers Cry Foul Over Oceanfront DCC Agreement


Oceanfront developer Michael Hutchison has put $38 million at stake without any guarantee of reimbursement. Other developers cry foul, saying the district is shiftting the risk to the community with this DCC agreement.

Four Community Members Join Squamish Community Foundation


Four community members have joined the Squamish Community Foundation as board of directors. Ron Sanders, Darren Roberts, Deidre Plaatjes, and Larry McLennan joined the Board at a critical time in its development, said foundation’s chair, Doug Hackett.