Hop Farms Looks to the Future, with a Nod to the Past

Main pic Growing hops for export to Europe was the first real industry established by the Squamish Valley settlers in the early 1890s. Now, more than a hundred years later, a young couple is tipping their hat to those pioneer entrepreneurs by naming their company after the largest operations of that time.

Heintzman Launches Mayoral Campaign


Mayoral candidate Patricia Heintzman launched her campaign for the town’s top seat at a community meet and greet at the Brackendale Art Gallery on October 16. More than 80 people attended the campaign launch.

Squamish Forgets its Alternative Energy Plans


It was a visionary plan to create alternative energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the district’s fiscal performance. But eight years after it was first proposed, the Neighbourhood Energy Utility plan remains on paper languishes somewhere in the district’s reports.

Squamish Loses a Dubious Honour


In 2009, as many as 420 people received EI and Jen Foreman (pictured above) was one among them. In 2010, that number stood at 520 and was on an upward trend touching 560 the next year, highest in the province.

Foreign Investors Buy Local Business–and a Ticket to Canada


Foreign investors are looking to buy local businesses, which expedites their citizenship application through a provincial nominee program.

A Trucking Trip that Costs $350,000 a Year

Mamquam-new pic

It’s a truck ride that costs the taxpayers $350,000 every year, but questions are now being raised about its cost effectiveness.

Auli Parviainen Withdraws from Mayoral Race, Will Now Run for Councillor


Auli Parviainen has withdrawn her name from the mayoral race and will now run for councillor.

Patricia Heintzman to Run for Mayor


Coun. Patricia Heintzman annouced today she will run for the Mayor of Squamish, more than a week after she announced her decision to step away from local politics.

Solterra Offered $20 Million for Squamish Oceanfront


Solterra, a Vancouver-based development with old ties to Squamish, had offered close to $20 million in cash and land to the district but the proposal was rejected.