An ‘Epic’ Adventure for Squamish in Branding

brand-MAIN After scanning 1,143 surveys and six months of discussions, brand development committee is circling the word ‘epic’ to define and pitch Squamish to the world.

Hoping a Year will Soothe the Nerves


Mike Quesnel has set a difficult aim and he’s got a year to achieve it: Win the hearts and minds of those who oppose the skatebowl park.

Expert Disputes Government’s Claim on ‘Clean’ LNG Plants


The provincial government has repeatedly stressed the LNG plants in B.C. would be the world’s cleanest LNG plants, meaning they will boast the world’s lowest life cycle greenhouse gas emissions.

High Tech Jobs are the Future, Report Says

Jessica Palmer -MAIN

A job growth projection report in the Squamish Lillooet Regional District predicts the high tech field will be the second-fastest growing industry next to public sector jobs by 2031.

BC Transit Keeps Mum on $5.9 Million Court Award

Bc Transit

BC Transit is refusing to answer questions on whether they plan to repeal a Supreme Court judgement that awarded a Whistler doctor $5.9 million for a transit driver’s negligence.

Another Reason to Take the Gondola


Running aficionados will be able to take part in a new race amidst big alpine vistas, deep forests and spectacular rocky perches with the new gondola. The organisers of the Coast Mountain Trail Series have announced a new trail race in partnership with Sea to Sky gondola.

Sean Daly Honoured with Jim Pattison Personal Achievers Award


Every year, the Jim Pattison Group showcases men and women in the company who inspire fellow employees through their personal philosophy and practice.

Woodfibre LNG Prefers Electricity to Gas for Plant Operations


With an eye on GHE emissions and airshed quality, Woodfibre LNG proponents say they will prefer electricity over natural gas to run the LNG plant.

No Sale Yet for Paradise Trails


A negative public perception and high servicing costs may be keeping potential investors away from the Paradise Trails, says the man tasked with selling the property.