16 Teeth Marks, Five Deep Wounds’: Dog Attacks Local in Garibaldi Highlands Trail

Joanna-2 I screamed in pain and instinctively threw out my hand to ward him off. He chewed on the underside of my forearm. The blood soaked my white capris and dripped onto my leather sandals.

Tales of the Howe Sound

furry creek

As the air gets crisper and the sun starts to set earlier. The short days mean less daylight hours to play outside, however, there are still many incredible adventures to experience in Squamish.

Where Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation (SODC) Spent Your Money


The latest tranche of documents released by the district reveal the total expenditure from 2005 to 2013 for SODC was $11.4 million dollars. Land remediation and improvement, followed by land use planning and debt interest accounted for the top three expenditures.

A Sound Sanctuary on Third Ave


The Sound Sanctuary is being conceived by Wallace as a performance/sculpture live/work studio with some parts made out of recycled cargo containers, and other recycled objects.

Council Defers Vote on Woodfibre LNG Referendum


Squamish councilors voted to defer the referendum question for now, and agreed by a unanimous vote to move the discussion about a possible town hall on LNG to next Tuesday’s committee of the whole meeting.

Explore New Hikes at the Sea to Sky Gondola


It’s way beyond a sightseeing lift. The Sea to Sky Gondola has locals and outdoor enthusiasts excited about the range of hiking terrain the new attraction is opening up.

Woodfibre LNG Offers $2 Million in Taxes

Woodfibre LNG Project Rendering June 2014

At a council meeting on July 15, the proponents proposed they will be willing to pay $2 million in annual taxes. It’s what the company is offering, but it’s not a precisely calculated tax based on assessment.

Two Squamish Residents Face Charges in Fraud Investigation


Shawn Lundrigan, 33, and Kimberly McSweeney, 22, of Squamish are facing multiple counts of fraud and identity theft.

District of Squamish Cracks Down on Illegal Suites

District of Squamish

Building inspectors cracked down on two illegal suites last month, asking the council to file a building code contravention at the land title office.