A Question Gnaws at Them: What Happened to Jodi ?

jodi Her family has made peace with the fact that they won’t see Jodi Henrickson ever again, but a question gnaws at them every day: What happened to her?

Fortis Plans a $350 Million Pipeline for Woodfibre LNG


FortisBC plans to construct a new natural gas pipeline that will course its way from Coquitlam through Squamish to the LNG site. The construction will start in 2016, and the project is expected to cost Fortis $350 million.

Stephen Fryer to Run for Council

Stephen Cover

Stephen Fryer, a Squamisher by birth and a vice-president of Squamish Minor Hockey, announced his bid for Squamish council.

In Lily’s Garden, a Mother’s Memory Blooms


For the world that walks through it and stops to admire, Lily’s Garden is well-maintained public park run by the District of Squamish. For Ruth Fenton–and her 11 siblings– it’s a passage to childhood and to memories of mom, Lily Carson, the woman whose name the garden has immortalized.

LNG Spill Would be Catastrophic, Activist Warns

Woodfibre LNG Project Rendering June 2014

The BC LNG industry will add to the GHG emissions, spur fracking, and worsen global climate change, but even the economic arguments for it isn’t sound, said Sean Lumb, a member of My Sea to Sky.

Wait for an Ambulance May Grow Longer in Squamish


Patients in Squamish may have to wait longer for an ambulance because BC Ambulance has downgraded its emergency response calls. The effect on Squamish is mininal for now, but that may change as our population grows.

Conservation Officials Tight Lipped about Shooting Death of Bear at Squamish Landfill


Conservation officials remain tight lipped about an incident at the Squamish landfill where a bear was shot by a hunter. There are unconfirmed reports the hunter dragged the bear’s body in the forest and gutted it.

Mayor Promises Openness on SODC

Mayor Rob Kirkham in his office on Dec. 26.

Mayor Rob Kirkham has promised to release more information on all Oceanfront proposals that came before the district and SODC board.

Where Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation (SODC) Spent Your Money


The latest tranche of documents released by the district reveal the total expenditure from 2005 to 2013 for SODC was $11.4 million dollars. Land remediation and improvement, followed by land use planning and debt interest accounted for the top three expenditures.