Developer Nixes Spiritual Centre Plans

clasina Frustrated with the time it took to rezone the property, Bemmel is putting the property up for sale. In the two years it took to rezone the property, the momentum for the project fizzled away, Bemmel said.

Locals Concerned About Fortis Compressor Station, Pipeline

Gail christopher

Fortis is also planning to twin its existing natural gas pipeline from Port Coquitlam to Squamish. The new pipeline, 24 inch thick, is expected to deliver 228 million cubic feet of gas every day to Woodfibre LNG. For citizens like Herbert Vesley, the gas pipeline old and the proposed new pipeline will pass too close to home.

The Citizens’ Agenda: Squamish Speaks

District of Squamish

Waste of tax payer’s money, economic development, infrastructure, public safety and transit are some of the key issues citizens would like the council to focus on.

Searching for that elusive thing: A permanent, full-time, well-paying job


When Krista Lawson decided to move to Squamish last year, she knew it’d be difficult to get a permanent, full-time, job in a small town. But she never imagined it would be this difficult.

Fancy Brackendale Bridge Worries Local

Keith sones

“Did we really need a bridge of such magnificence or a smaller installation would have been appropriate?” That is a question a Brackendale resident is asking about a new bridge on Eagle Run Drive that cost the taxpayers $800,000.

Gone to the Dogs in Squamish

Joanna and maren

Lax enforcement, budget cuts and undefined on and off-leash areas have left citizens feeling vulnerable.

Cheekeye Mitigation Plan: A 35-metre Barrier and a Sedimentation Basin


Hazard mitigation for a proposed housing development in Brackendale involves a 35-metre high barrier and a sedimentation basin that will protect the area from one in a 10,000 year debris hazard event.

Woodfibre LNG Holds Business Information Session


There will be business opportunities for local companies in construction, remediation, marine transport, medical services and supplies, installation, structural fabrication, etc, company representatives said.

Highway Safety Ignored on Squamish Intersections


Ministry of Transportation proudly says it spent $795 million on Highway 99 to make it the safest highway in the province. That may well be true if the ministry is willing to ignore an ICBC report from 2002 whose recommendations have still not been implemented.